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Date Like An Adult




Borrowed from French adulte and from Latin adultus;

"to become mature, grow up, to be nourished, and to grow"

Synonymous with: a person of mature age, grown-up

Dating as an adult can be intimidating, and online dating sites are filled with people looking for love in all of the wrong places. Dr. Lisa Watts' approach gets you offline and in person. She will help you navigate the dating world with her seven-step curriculum for building self-awareness, particularly as it relates to dating and romantic relationships.  Date Like An Adult is the result of Dr. Watts' clinical work with hundreds of clients, all of whom wanted to feel more confident in their ability to navigate romantic and sexual relationships.


Dr. Watts works one-on-one with clients discussing personality traits, personal habits, communication, and sexuality.  Due to the sensitive nature of many topics in the Date Like An Adult curriculum, your first step toward working with Dr. Watts is to schedule a phone meet and greet. During your chat, you will determine if her services are a good fit for your needs and if you are a good fit for her program. If you are willing to examine your attitudes, behaviors, lifestyle, and grow your emotional and relational intelligence, then you are ready to work with Dr. Watts to refresh your approach to dating.


*The Date Like An Adult curriculum is inclusive and not specific to any ability, gender, religion, ethnicity, or relationship paradigm.

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