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Atlanta, GA

Dr. Lisa Watts' work focuses on developing emotional and relational intelligence through consciousness. Over 25 years of diverse work experience has prepared her to serve clients interested in addressing psychological, psychosexual and relational well-being. As a humanistic psychologist, licensed clinical social worker and AASECT certified sexual health educator, Dr. Watts offers her clients competent and compassionate counseling and consulting.

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Dr. Lisa Watts counsels and coaches with a growth-oriented approach. She identifies unique strengths and challenges for each client, facilitating progress at an individualized pace. Using a blend of evidence-informed clinical guidance, curiosity and compassion, Dr. Watts helps clients integrate their history, shed outdated personal narratives, and craft an authentic life.

In addition to working as a researcher, psychotherapist and educator in clinical and community settings, Dr. Watts has collaborated across academic, vocational, corporate, entertainment, and legal systems. She has also served on multidisciplinary health teams, provided training for other mental health professionals, and worked as the Executive Director of a community-based counseling center. Dr. Watts' education and professional designations include:

  • Psychologist (PhD) University of West Georgia

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

  • Certified Sexual Health Educator (CSE), AASECT

  • Master of Social Work (MSW), Georgia State University

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Brenau Women’s College

Trained traditionally as a social scientist, she has pursued additional education to become a spiritually sensitive psychotherapist. Your work with Dr. Watts can be addressed through a traditional or spiritually integrated approach. During your first meeting together, you will discuss and decide which approach will work best for you.


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Dr. Watts works with clients 18 and older. Sessions are available in-person and remotely. Remote sessions are conducted on a HIPAA-compliant web platform. 

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